Bounce Ride Rental Terms

A) All safety and operating instructions contained on the Bounce House must be complied with and followed at all times.
B) For the safety of all CHILDREN. ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES! A responsible ADULT must supervise the Bounce House at all
times. No one shall operate, supervise or enter the Bounce House, if under the influence of ALCOHOL, DRUGS or any other legal or illegal drug or substance. No one should enter the Bounce House with any type of existing injury.
C) No “Silly String” is permitted to come in contact with the inside or outside of the Bounce House use, this causes un repairable damage to the Bounce House, and Customer acknowledges that if the Bounce House is damaged by “Silly String” or any product like “Silly String”, or damaged in any way, then a $2.900.00 fee shall be automatically imposed by Lessor and shall be immediately due and payable by Customer.
D) Please have bouncers remove items such as glasses, dangle earrings, anklets, bracelets, belts, shoes, and any sharp or bulky items that may reside in pockets.
E) No Horse Play in or around bounce house at anytime. Do not play or climb on outside walls, netting side column or roof of Bounce House.
F) WARNING – extra caution and supervision are required for children ages three (3) and under.
G) WARNING – it is unsafe to stay in Bounce House if winds exceed 20 miles per hour (MPH) or raining or threat of rain. Have all persons exit Bounce House, then unplug the blower unit and let Bounce House deflate.
H) WARNING – Individuals with head, neck, back or other muscular-skeletal injuries or disabilities, pregnant women, small infants, and others who may be
susceptible to injury from falls, bumps or bouncing are not permitted in the Bounce House at any time.
I) Do not move the Bounce House from the location where set-up.
J) If the Bounce House Unit moves, pull comers back to their original locations and secure comers. For other questions regarding the safe installation of equipment, please call us at 302-537-9797 immediately.
K) Do not let Bounce House rub up against any surface.
L) Absolutely no food or drinks inside the Bounce House.

  1. Physical condition of rented item(s)
    You acknowledge that prior to taking the rented item(s), You’ve examined them, saw them in operation and are aware of the condition that they are in good condition except for any defects noted on this contract. It is your responsibility to return the rental items to dealer in the same condition except from ordinary wear and tear.
  2. Use of items.
    You agreed that you are satisfied with the instructions given by dealer in the proper and safe manner of using the items or that you are so familiar and told dealer that you were. You further agreed that the items will be used only at the address designated and only for the purpose for which the items or manufactured and intended. Subleasing or improper use is prohibited.
    3.Responsibility for use.
    You are responsible for the use of the rental items. You assume all risk inherited in the operation and use of these items and I agreed to assume the entire responsibility for the defense of and to pay and indemnify and hold dealer harmless from and hereby release dealer from all claims for damage to property or bodily injury (including death) resulting from the use, operation, or possession of the item. Whether or not it be claimed or found that such damage or injury resulted in whole or in part from the dealer’s negligence. From the defective condition of the item(s) or from any cause. You agree that no warranties, expressed or implied, have been in connection with rentals.
  3. Responsibilities for equipment.
    From the times the item(s) are rented out until receipted return to dealer. You are responsible for them. If the item(s) are lost, stolen, or damaged under any circumstances while rented, regardless of fault. You shall be responsible for all charges, including labor costs, to replace or repair the item(s). Items are to be sent out clean and fuel of the appropriate fuel and it is the renter’s responsibility to refuel and clean the rented items. If returned in unsatisfactory conditions, fees will be implemented.
  4. Item malfunction.
    In the occurrence of malfunction or breakage, you agree to immediately to discontinue the attempt to use the rented items. Should they at any times become unsafe or in a state of disrepair and will immediately (one hour or less) notify dealer of the facts. Dealer agrees in its directions to make the items operable within a reasonable time or provided you with a like item if available or make a like item available at another time or adjust rental charges. This provision does not relive you from the obligations imposed by other paragraphs in this rental contract. Including #4 & #6. In all events, dealer shall not be responsible for any injuries or damage, including the consequential damage resulting from the failure or defect of rented items.
  5. Return of items.
    The rented items are dealers’ property and are rented subject to this contract for rental charges and for the period noted on the front of this contract. IF you desire to extend the term off this rental beyond the times and date specified on the front under “agreed return date” you must immediately notify dealer to obtain our approval. The terms for such extension and modification of contract (see paragraph 9.) If this agreement has not been extended and you fail to return the items when due, dealer to enforce its property ownership of the items and to protect its interest under this contract, may retake the items at any time and to do so dealer or it’s representatives may enter your property or your job-site and you herby waive any right of action against dealer for such entry and repossession. In addition, you acknowledge, the failure to return rented items within contacted times and the sale or concealment of the rented items are prohibited, and that such action may constitute a crime. Dealer in addition to any other action, we may take, may notify the proper authorities, and take other action, including the filing of criminal complaints, subjecting you to prosecution.
  6. Charge and payments. TIME IS MONEY!
    You are responsible for rental charges from the times the items are (rented out) as specified on the from until you have received a proper receipt for the return and any other charges hereunder. Return the items promptly, clean and in good working condition. You or a representative agent, or principle shall be responsible for and shall pay dealer all charges hereunder. All charges are due upon pickup, unless otherwise stated on this contract. All additional charges are due upon return hereunder. If the rental charges are charges to someone other than the renter, the rented representative, he is the agent of such party and has the right to charge this rental, renter nevertheless will remain liable for the charges and for the other obligations and responsibilities of renter hereunder. If the rental charges are not paid within ten (10) days, Dealers, at its discretion, may recalculate on a daily rental rate basis.
  7. Collections & Collection Costs
    You agree to pay attorney fees, collection fees, court costs and any other expenses inched in collecting any charges under this agreement in retaking the rented items or otherwise in enforcing the terms of this contract.
  8. Modifications of contract.
    This paper represents our entire contract, and there is no collateral, oral or other agreements outstanding. None of the dealer’s rights may be changed and no extensions of the terms of this contract may be made except in written and signed by dealer and made part of this contract.
  9. Damage Waiver
    If you accept and pay for the damage waiver as specified, subject to the limitations and exclusions below, dealer agrees to modify the terms of this contract and relieve your liability for accidental damage to run it items on the contract and for lost due to fire, collision, windstorm, upset and riot. We exclude from this waiver, however, any loss or damage due to theft, Burglary, misuse or abuse, theft by conversion, intentional damage, mysterious disappearance, or any loss due to your failure to care for the rented items as prudent person would his own property, Such as proper lubrication. If any such laws tend to indicate a crime may have been committed, for the condition of this contract, it is required that you must file a report to the proper law enforcement agency and furnish us a copy. In addition, if you have insurance for the loss or damage, you shall exercise, and shall empower us to exercise all your rights to obtain recovery under insurance and shall cooperate with dealer to obtain recovery and all insurance proceeds have you given or sign to dealer. TIRES AND TRACKS ARE NO COVERED BY DAMAGE WAIVER UNLESS A DEFECT HAS BEEN NOTED ON THIS CONTRACT AT THE TIME THE ITEMS ARE “RENTED OUT.” Dealers name is no liability for tire blowouts, damage to tires/tracks and other excessive wear. It will be renter’s responsibility it’s replaced and/or repair items in these situations.
  10. Refunds.
    No cash value refund will be distributed on the conditions that the item malfunction or the customer was un-satisfied with its performance. Only in-store credit maybe issued in these cases. Only cash value refunds will be issued the return, in the same condition as purchased, the purchase of supplies to be used on rented items (i.e., Sandpaper, scrubbing pads, etc.) No refunds will be given, whether that be as a cash, credit card, debit card, check or in store credit for rentals that are returned sooner that the agreed return date listed on the front of this contract.
  11. Deliveries.
    Deliveries are normally scheduled for one-hour windows during our normal business hours. However, we reserve the right to adjust delivery times if circumstances arise that hinder a timely deliver. The customer understands that under these conditions, no refunds will be granted for delivery fees. However, as so long as the rented equipment is available, your scheduled pick-up will also be pushed back by the same amount of time the delivery may be. If you are receiving a table and chair delivery and have elected our “stack and go” service. All items will be neatly stacked at time of delivery. It is your responsibility to arrange said items in the same fashion and ready by the scheduled pick-up time. If the items are not stacked in a satisfactory manner, charges and fees will be implemented.
  12. Loading & Unloading
    Loading and unloading equipment is a courtesy service. Rent Equip & Party Central will not be liable for any damages to cars, trucks, trailers, or any form of property that rented items are loaded unto. We also will not be liable for any injuries, be that serious, non-serious or death that may occur during loading and unloading. The customer is aware of this and will take total liability for any damages or injuries that may occur during loading and unloading of equipment.
  13. Tent Installations.
    Rent Equip & Party Central will not be held liable for any in or above ground obstacles or utilities that may be damaged during installation of the tent. It is the customers responsibility to properly mark and/or inform us of any in or above ground obstacles or utilities that may be in the tent installation area. If there is any permitting that is required by a state or local ordinance, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all proper permits, inspections, and guidelines are followed. We hold the right to refuse any tent installation that is not properly approved or permitted without refund due. We also hold the right to refuse any tent installation that may be of potential danger to our property, any surrounding property, human life, or animal life.
  14. Weather.
    In the event of weather during or prior to the reserved date of your rental and/or event and you wish to cancel your rental, there will be no cash value refunds due. If Rent Equip & Party Central or its associates deems a possible threat to property and/or life by incoming severe weather, we reserve the right to cancel your rentals with proper notice. If Rent Equip & Party Central or its associates cancel your rental, you will be entitled to a refund of 50% if you have paid in full for your rentals. Any deposits made under 50% of your contracted “total due”, will not be refunded.
  15. Cancellations
    FOR TOOLS & EQUIPMENT RENTALS: If the customer desires to cancel the rental, they must do so a minimum of 7 days before your scheduled “date & time out”. If the contract is a delivery, cancellation must be a minimum of 10 days before your scheduled delivery date. FOR PARTY RENTALS: If the customer desires to cancel the rental, and wishes to not be charged for their rental, they must do so a minimum of 10 days before your scheduled “date & time out”. If the contract is a delivery, cancellation must be a minimum of 14 days before your scheduled delivery date There will be no cash value refunds if the reservation is cancelled within the times allotted above. CANCELLATION FEES:
    If a tool rental is cancelled within 72 hours of the scheduled date and time out, the customer will be charged 25%. If a tool rental is cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled date and time out, the customer will be charged 50%. If a tool rental is cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled date and time out, the customer will be charged 100%. If a party rental is cancelled within 5 days of the scheduled date and time out, the customer will be charged 25%. If a party rental is cancelled within 4 days of the scheduled date and time out, the. customer will be charged 50%. If a party rental is cancelled within 72 hours of the scheduled date and time out, the customer will be charged 100%

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